Straight Answer Saturday 2018

The Straight Answer Saturday event was a partnership between the Uindy School of Business and the Indiana Secretary of State department. Our goal was to offer free financial and legal consulting services to members of the community. Members of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and the Indiana Bar Association donated members' time to provide the services. The event was managed by the UIndy Student Business Leadership Academy (SBLA) and the SOS staff. The event was a success as there were 70 attendees (18 pre-registered, 52 walk ins). At $200 per hour and 45 minutes per consultation, that is an estimated value of $10,400 worth of services provided. However, that wasn't the important part. The post-event surveys indicated that individuals who came to the event got the answers they were looking for, and were in a better position when they left the event. We were able to help member's of the community all the while providing opportunities for students here at UIndy.
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